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Mortgage Protection For Outaouais Real Estate Buyers In Case Of Loss Of Job Or Accidental Death

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Via Capitale is the only real estate banner to offer this type of protection in case of accidental death.

Imagine what Mortgage Protection could do for you!

After working at the same company for five years, you suddenly lose your permanent job and you find yourself without any financial resources other than your employment insurance. You will be able to quickly begin your job search knowing that your mortgage payments and, if applicable, your common condo fees, are covered by your mortgage protection.

A protection that allows you to purchase your new home with peace of mind!

What does Mortgage Protection consist of?

Mortgage Protection is available free of charge to buyers who have:

  • Purchased a property through a Via Capitale Realtor

  • Contracted their mortgage for a fixed term with one of Via Capitale's partnering financial institutions.

Mortgage protection takes effect when the buyer:

  • Becomes unexpectedly unemployed (position abolishment, business closure, wrongful dismissal)

  • Passes away accidentally

Mortgage Protection refunds mortgage payments. In the case of a job loss, it also covers common condo fees. The maximum compensation is of $25,000.

Mortgage Protection takes effect on the day the deed of sale is signed and is available for up to 12 months.

What are the eligibility requirements? *

In the case of a job loss, the owner must have been employed full-time (more than 30 hours per week) for the last 12 consecutive months.

The building must consist of a maximum of 4 units, at least one of which is occupied by the owner, used strictly and entirely for residential purposes and subject to a promise to purchase of over $75,000.

New buildings are excluded.

*The information contained on this website is not a contract and is only an overview of our Mortgage Protection. Eligibility requirements, as well as restrictions and exclusions apply. To know more about all the conditions, definitions, limitations and exclusions or to make a claim, please contact Alain Dussault by phone at (819) 684-7000.


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