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Tips To Prepare Your Outaouais Property For A Visit By Potential Buyers.

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

A well-kept house makes the sale easier. Faded walls or damaged woodwork lessens a buyer's interest.

Take care of the exterior. An attractive outside appearance will entice the buyer to visit the interior. Take care of the lawn, flowerbeds and driveways. In winter, remove snow from sidewalks and porches.

Do any work that needs doing. Cleanliness is essential. Clean, clear windows and shining surfaces are precious aids.

Repair faucets. A leaky faucet raises questions about the quality of the plumbing.

Make any necessary adjustments. A door that doesn't close, molding which is unglued, a loose doorknob… all details that attract a buyer’s attention.

From the basement to the attic. Don’t neglect areas that are used infrequently. Remove unnecessary items that have accumulated in the basement or attic. Make the storage space stand out.

Keep an eye on stairways. Cluttered stairways are dangerous and leave a bad impression on the buyer.

The illusion of closet space. Well-ordered clothing and articles placed tidily in closets are a sign of convenience and comfort.

The kitchen is important. To charm your visitors, make sure that kitchen utensils are clean, counters are clear and the decoration in tasteful.

Check the bathroom twice. A bright, clean bathroom will often make a sale easier.

The bedrooms must be welcoming. Even though they are a place of rest, their importance is capital; they are more attractive if they are tidy.

To ensure that the visit will leave a good impression, here are a few rules to follow:

The first impression. Remember the old saying that says you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Make sure that the front of your house is clean and welcoming; pick up any leaves and litter, shovel in winter and mow the lawn and trim the hedges in summer. These small details are enough to create a good first impression.

Light is your ally. Generous lighting is always welcoming. Pull back the curtains and let the light in. In the evening light up the inside and the outside.

Stay out of the way. Let your Realtor accompany the visitors. He knows what the buyer is looking for and can point them out more easily.

Don't make the buyer uncomfortable. The more people present the more the buyer will feel he is a bother. He may cut short his visit before having seen the entire house.

The atmosphere is important. Your Realtor and the buyer must be able to talk freely. A loud television or sound system can be bothersome.

Animals are not everyone's friends. Even if your pets are very docile, some people don’t appreciate them. As much as possible, keep pets away.

Discretion is worth its weight in gold. Don’t try to make conversation. It’s not you he came to see, it’s your house.

Taste and colours are not always the same. Let your Realtor handle any objections the visitor may raise.

Don’t be pushy! Don’t try to interest the buyer in buying furniture or carpets before he decides to buy the house. You could compromise the sale. It’s important to wait for the right moment.

Don’t negotiate with the buyer. It’s tempting to talk price to the buyer or even the takeover date, but it’s best to leave that to your Realtor. He’s qualified to negotiate quickly and to take your interests to heart.


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