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Peace of Mind is Priceless

Via Capitale is the first real estate banner in Quebec to have put in place a protection program aimed at supporting clients during difficult times.


The Via Protections program includes three types of protection as well as legal assistance telephone services that are offered to purchasing and selling clients of Alain Dussault.

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Homeowner Protection


What does Homeowner Protection consist of?

Homeowner Protection protects the seller who, after accepting a promise to purchase whose conditions have been fulfilled, and who has or will soon take possession of his new home, is faced with a situation where the buyer:

  • Delays the signing of the deed of sale

  • Withdraws from the promise to purchase

  • Passes away accidentally

  • Becomes unfit


Homeowner Protection provides reimbursement of several costs incurred on the property as well as compensation for the sale price differential.

​Mortgage Protection


What does Mortgage Protection consist of?

Mortgage Protection is available free of charge to buyers who have:

  • Purchased a property through a Via Capitale Realtor

  • Contracted their mortgage for a fixed term with one of Via Capitale's partnering financial institutions.


Mortgage protection takes effect when the buyer:

  • Becomes unexpectedly unemployed (position abolishment, business closure, wrongful dismissal)

  • Passes away accidentally

Mortgage Protection refunds mortgage payments. In the case of a job loss, it also covers common condo fees. 

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Homebuyer Protection


What does Homebuyer Protection consist of?

Homebuyer Protection is available to buyers who have purchased a property through Alain Dussault, a participating Via Capitale Realtor. It applies in the event of sudden breakage, breakdown or unexpected default that requires repair:

  • Household appliances included in the sale (stove, range hood, dishwasher, etc.)

  • Electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems located inside the main residence, in the heated garage or as part of the heat pump. **

Note: Devices and systems and their equipment must be in good working condition on the date the deed of sale is signed.​

​Legal Assistance


What does Legal Assistance consist of?

Legal Assistance is a free telephone service that offers legal information provided by a lawyer for all legal matters related to private life, such as: hidden defects, contracts, neighbourhood disturbances, housing, wills, taxes, family law, consumer law, and employment rights, and more*.

  • Unlimited number of calls;

  • No call time limit;

  • Confidential and bilingual service;

  • Callback from a lawyer with at least 5 years of experience within 48 hours.

*Exclusions: any issues related to insurance law or criminal law, as well as matters related to professional, voluntary or commercial life and relating to a dispute against a Via Capitale representative.

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