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Outaouais Lifestyle...

The Outaouais is on the north side of the Ottawa River, offering a beautiful view of the Parliament in the city of Ottawa.

The Outaouais offers the amalgamation of five very bilingual cities from East to West.

From Buckingham on the East to Luskville on the West, we have different downtowns, lots of historic buildings, green spaces, lakes, and beautiful areas to enjoy the view of the mountains or river.

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Aylmer is a beautiful community with lots of green space, bicycle paths and easy access to the Outaouais river. It genuinely offers the best of both worlds for an organized family work situation.

Plus, if you’re looking to live in a bilingual community with a good selection of single-family homes and semi-detached condominiums, Aylmer is your neighbourhood of choice in the Outaouais.

You will also fall in love with its beautiful historic “Main Street,” full of small restaurants and access to the breathtaking marina, one of the most beautiful Outaouais Ottawa areas.


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The Hull district has a lot to offer for quality living, easy access to bridges, and convenient access to Gatineau Park, one of the most beautiful gems in the Outaouais area.

Plateau de la Capitale – the new vibe of the Outaouais – is also great for shopping, restaurants, and all in all, a great place to discover and enjoy a good time every day of the week or on weekends.


The secret is revealed; Chelsea is the up-and-coming neighbourhood of the Outaouais.


With a beautiful vibrant community offering lots of green spaces, mountains for skiing or hiking, outdoor living, a unique turn-of-the-past-century downtown area and some of the region’s best restaurants, it’s a place you need to have on your radar as you are shopping for your next home.

Make sure you take the time to visit the new multi-style subdivision and one of Canada’s most epic Spa-Nature during your next visit.


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Gatineau Neighbourhood.jpg

Gatineau is the hub of the Outaouais. The east part of the city has the largest shopping centre in the area, and the Rapibus two-way corridor reserved exclusively for buses will bring you downtown Ottawa in no time.

It’s also an excellent area to stroll on the bicycle path along the Gatineau River.

In this part of Gatineau, you have a large variety of houses, from townhouses and semi-detached to single-family homes or condos, with a good choice of restaurants and entertainment venues throughout the city.


Luskville is located West of Aylmer and overlooks the Outaouais River. It offers a unique natural and healthy habitat in the Outaouais.


The city of Luskville offers homeowners rural living and farmland in a combination of charming, modern, and picturesque within a few minutes of both Gatineau and Ottawa.

Luskville offers many ways to wander and experience signature living with numerous places to dine, drink, and enjoy a good time.


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