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Homeowner's Protection For Real Estate Sellers in the Outaouais

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Via Capitale is the only real estate banner to offer sale price compensation.

What does Homeowner Protection consist of?

Homeowner Protection protects the seller who, after accepting a promise to purchase whose conditions have been fulfilled, and who has or will soon take possession of his new home, is faced with a situation where the buyer:

  • ​Delays the signing of the deed of sale

  • Withdraws from the promise to purchase

  • Passes away accidentally

  • Becomes unfit

Homeowner Protection provides reimbursement of several costs incurred on the property as well as compensation for the sale price differential.

​Maximum compensation is $25,000.

​In addition, the seller does not need to pay a deductible: another market exclusive

​Owner Protection takes effect on the 15th day after the date the deed of sale is signed and is offered for a maximum of 180 days or until the date of resale of the home, whichever occurs first.

​What are the eligibility requirements? *

​The owner-seller must be a natural person occupying the building or an estate or a curate and be under brokerage contract at all times for the sale of his home with Alain Dussault, a participating Via Capitale Realtor.

​The building must consist of a maximum of 4 units, at least one of which is occupied by the owner, used strictly and entirely for residential purposes, inhabitable year-round and subject to a promise to purchase of over $75,000.

New buildings, buildings subject to judicially controlled sale or mortgage repossessions, as well as buildings that have been vacant for over 90 days are excluded.

​*The information contained on this website is not a contract and is only an overview of our Homeowner Protection. Eligibility requirements apply, as well as restrictions and exclusions. To know more about all the conditions, definitions, limitations and exclusions or to make a claim, please contact the program administrator by phone at (819) 684-7000 or by email.


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