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Mover's guide


To avoid any last-minute problems, plan your move with the utmost care. Start by gathering boxes and wrapping paper; once you know the exact date of your move, reserve the services of a moving company as soon as possible. If necessary, don’t hesitate to take additional insurance to cover your possessions during the move.


Draw up a list for the movers of what is and what is not to be moved. Pack up anything you won’t need until moving day: you will have much less to pack in the few days prior to your moving.


Use this handy checklist to help make your move a total success


Two months before moving, advise:


  • Moving guide (Québec Portal)

  • Quebec address change service (Service québécois de changement d’adresse)

  • Telecommunications services

  • Internet, telephone, television

  • Your heating oil company

  • The Post Office

  • Revenue Canada


Professional services

  • Your doctor

  • Your dentist

  • Your optometrist

  • Your lawyer

  • Your notary

  • Your veterinarian



  • Accident and life insurance   

  • Automobile insurance  

  • Home insurance 

  • Dental and medical insurance



  • Family and friends

  • All types of subscriptions

  • Financial institution 

  • School and daycare

  • Municipal library 

  • Clubs or associations of which you are a member

  • Car dealer 

  • Employer and union

  • Your home delivery services

  • Email contact list  


A few days before the move:

  • Arrange for a babysitter

  • Gather boxes and other moving items in one room, preferably on the ground floor 

  • Confirm the agreement with your mover: date, price, insurance, arrival time and how to get to your home. Leave them a number where they can reach you should the unexpected arise. 


The day before:

  • Remove curtains and blinds

  • Remove obstructions from the halls and entrances to be used by the movers 

  • Clearly identify boxes and items for the movers as well as the items you will be moving personally.


Moving day:

  • Take a reading of all meters (electricity, heating oil, etc.) 

  • Check the condition of your furniture before it leaves 

  • Bring your telephone with you     

  • Examine every room to make sure you leave nothing behind   

  • Before leaving, hand over the keys to the appropriate person      

  • Keep important documents such as cheques, moving contract and invoices, etc., with you.                   

When you get to your destination:

  • Make a list of the damage or breakage which may have occurred during the move

  • Indicate any lost or damaged items on the movers’ delivery order slip

  • Take a reading of the meters (electricity, heating oil, etc.) at your new residence.