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Homebuyer protection


Exclusive to Via Capitale, this protection is offered free of charge to buyers by participating brokers.


If the plumbing, electricity, heating or appliances included in the sale malfunction or breakdown in the first 12 months following the sale, possibility of refunds of up to $1,000 per claim (certain conditions apply).


Reassuring Protection for the old and new owner!


For the buyer: the assurance that the appliances included in the transaction are protected.


For the seller: the assurance that this protection on the assets included in the transaction will avoid potential complaints by the buyers.


This protection also provides access to a free legal assistance service.


Homebuyer Protection - Eligibility


Benefits of Homebuyer Protection


Homebuyer Protection reimburses the beneficiary the cost of repairs made due to a defect or sudden break in appliances, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and electrical systems and equipment.


The protection reimburses up to $1,000 per claim, taxes included.


Eligible beneficiaries


The beneficiary must have purchased the property through a Via Capitale broker who participates in the Homebuyer Protection program.


PTo check if your broker participates in the program, locate the expression "participating broker" on his homepage on


Eligible properties


To be eligible for the Protection, the property must be:


  1. Made up of a maximum of four units.

  2. Strictly and entirely used for residential purposes.

  3. Suitable for year-round occupancy.

  4. Sold for more than $75 000.


To be eligible for the Protection, the property must not be:


  • A new building.

  • Repossessed, subject to a judicial sale or left vacant for more than 90 days before the signature of the sales deed.


Included appliances, systems and equipment


  • Appliances, systems and equipment located within the natural perimeter of the primary residence and the attached heated garage. This excludes appliances, systems and equipment located in solariums or other added 3 or 4 season rooms and, for condominiums, equipment included in the common areas.

  • Appliances, systems and equipment less than 15 years old. When replacement parts are not available, reimbursement is limited to the cost of the repair if the parts were available.

  • Appliances, systems and equipment more than 15 years old when replacement parts are available.

  • The heat pump, even if it is located outside the natural perimeter of the primary residence.


Excluded appliances, systems and equipment


  • Any type of fireplace and hot water tank.

  • Appliances, systems and equipment located in solariums or other 2 or 4 season rooms added, or for a condominium, included in the common areas.


Applicable conditions


  1. The Protection is conditional upon the equipment and appliance being in good working order when the deed of sale is signed and for which the breakdown could not be foreseeable or inevitable, given the age, the condition or the usage of the equipment or if the damage is the result of a hidden defect. All appliances, systems and equipment which are heavily damaged by oxidization, rust or corrosion are not covered, if this condition was apparent when the promise to purchase is signed.

  2. The Protection applies solely to appliances, systems and equipment subject to normal use for which they are intended and whose failure or sudden breakdown is due to improper installation, water, freezing, fire, explosion, vandalism or any other fortuitous event unrelated to normal functioning, inadequate voltage or improper relocation.

  3. The Protection applies for repairs and replacements made only by qualified people. Furthermore, the damages must not be the result of prior replacements and repairs made by unqualified people.


Applicable limitations


  1. The Protection is limited to the amount of the repair and replacement that would be assumed by a diligent consumer who has taken the steps necessary to obtain the best possible price for the parts, appliances and equipment and manpower.

  2. The costs for restoration work following repair or replacement work is included and cannot exceed the limit of $1,000 per claim, all taxes included.

  3. All travel and labour costs will be paid by the beneficiary to the qualified professional for a claim that isn’t covered by the Protection.

  4. The Protection does not cover preventative maintenance work, leasehold improvements, renovations or any and all work made necessary due to the fact that the appliance, system and equipment does not comply with a regulation of any kind, is obsolete or no longer meets industry standards.


Damages not covered


The Protection does not cover direct and indirect physical or material damages and inconveniences resulting failure or breakdown of appliances, systems and equipment covered by the Protection, or:


  1. Their repair or replacement, inability to repair or replace them or any damage resulting from repair or replacement work.

  2. The impossibility to obtain the necessary parts in a timely fashion or for any other reason whatsoever.

  3. The inability to make the repair or replacement in a timely fashion.

  4. Refusal or delay to pay any claim.


Coverage period


The protection takes effect on the date the deed of sale is signed before a notary and applies for a period of 12 months.

Procedures to benefit from the Protection


All claims must be reported as soon as the failure or breakdown occurs at 1 (877) 491-2433 and within 60 days of the event at the latest.


Procedure for regular situations: For non-emergency repairs which can wait for 48 hours and, whether or not the parts or equipment require replacement, the beneficiary must first obtain authorization from the Protection’s administrator to have the repair or replacement made.


Procedure for emergency situations: For emergency repairs, such as a breakdown which renders the property uninhabitable, or if the repair or replacement period risks resulting in further damages, the beneficiary must take all necessary steps to have the appliances or equipment repaired immediately by a qualified technician. The beneficiary will have to immediately contact the administrator of the Protection by telephone, between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM from Monday to Friday.

Failure to send the administrator proof (appraisal, invoice, proof of payment, etc.) required to study the claim will lead to refusal of the coverage.




A deductible of $100 per claim is deducted from the benefit.


Program administrator and claims


The Homebuyer Protection program is administered by GPL assurance inc. on behalf of Via Capitale, its franchisees and brokers.

Homebuyer Protection is offered free of charge by Via Capitale participating brokers.


Additional information on: or at 1 (877) 491-2433.


Conditions of the Homebuyer Protection are subject to change without notice.

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